Death Masks (The Dresden Files, #5)

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4/5 stars.

This is my favourite Dresden File to date because for the very first time reading this series, I actually felt emotional resonance.

In the past few instalments, I was entertained, intrigued, and mostly treated these books as my guilty pleasure when I needed something I can breeze through for some fun and action with more than a touch of snarky humour. 

In Death Masks, there were less unrealistically badass moments where I'll go "Oh, come on! Really?!"  Instead, at least a couple of scenes in here elicited poignancy and really tugged at my heartstrings.  As I have alluded to in quite a few of my other reviews, emotional investment a significant factor in determining whether the book is merely good or great, for me.  Hence, with me coming out of this feeling the way I did, I have to say that Harry's story is moving to greater heights as I am starting to care.    

I was also fascinated by the introduction of a new kind of adversary in this book.  Without giving away too much, let's just say that eternal battle between Heaven and Hell (or between the angels and the fallen ones) has been a perennial favourite supernatural theme of mine.  (Side note:  The Constantine movie with Keanu Reeves is another one of my guilty pleasures, and I have watched it at least half a dozen times). 

While I'm not sure of how I feel about the romantic angle in these books yet, I am loving the themes of friendship, loyalty and sacrifice.  Even Michael whom I found too self-righteous and stuffy in the previous novel, is great here.  

I'll end this short review by saying that this was also the first time I felt like starting on the next volume immediately after finishing one of the Dresden Files.  That alone probably indicated how much I enjoyed Death Masks.


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