Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

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3.75/5 stars.

According to fans of the series, this is where the Dresden Files supposedly start to get better, and I won't disagree as this was quite an improvement from Grave Peril.

The plot in the last book felt quite haphazard.  Moreover, the character development of Harry, as intriguing as his backstory is concerned, annoyed me as he seemed to be able to ever 'dig deeper' into his power reserves from out of nowhere, powered by rage or something else which escaped my comprehension.  In Summer Knight, we see Harry having to rely more on his friends and other interested parties to assist him in saving the world, which was no less than what exactly Harry had to do.  With his adversaries being the super-powerful, omnipotent Faeries, there was absolutely zero chance of Harry being able to take them down based on his raw power alone.  

The worldbuilding piece around the intricacies and politics of the Fae courts was the highlight of this book for me.  Without much knowledge about the Fae, except from watching True Blood and speed-reading a couple of Sookie Stackhouse novels, I was necessarily intrigued.  Sufficed to say that the Fae are deeply mysterious, dangerously alluring, wholly otherworldly, and absolutely fascinating.   

Another interesting facet was that of the White Council, whose judgment Harry had to face after the precipitous events with the Red Court of the Vampires in the previous instalment.  From this plotline, more interesting characters surfaced, namely Ebenezar and the Gatekeeper, whom I hope will have more appearances in the future.  

As far as characters are concerned, Agent Karrin Murphy has improved in my estimation of her.  The delicate balance of toughness and vulnerability emanating from her was handled very well and I can finally say that Harry is indeed lucky to have a friend like her.  The same can be said of Billy the werewolf - a worthy and loyal sidekick to have by his side. 

Dresden Files does seem to keep improving and this is a great volume, but I'll still be hardpressed to call it amazing.  Notwithstanding, sometimes one just needs a book that is a bit lighter and easier to digest with decent storytelling.  This series has so far been able to fulfil that.

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