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Golden Son (Red Rising #2)

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 This book lacked much of the nail-biting suspense and lightening-quick action of the previous book.

Very little actually happens, despite the book having more pages than the preceeding book in the series. The writer wasted too much time on complex dialogues between fast-developing characters he could have done so much with in the first half of the book. Luckily, the story picked up pace in the second half. There's lots a betrayals, as usual. The battles are a bit too high-tech for my liking as they omit much of the bloody, action-packed grimness of the fighting, that made me enjoy Red Rising.

The characters are superb. The rise of Darrow au Andromedus from a weak-willed Red to an all conquering Gold is a remarkable one. His relationship with friends makes for an intriguing sub plot, as the author carefully examines the themes of love and friendship. 

This is not a happy story where the hero conquers all and wins back his maiden fair. It's a tale of treachery, of betrayal and ultimately the cost of power. It depicts the struggles of the rungs of a hierarchy as each faction struggles beneath the boots of the other. It reflects our own contemporary society in many ways. 

I eagerly anticipate the adaptation of this series into motion picture. I have a feeling it'll be cooler than Hunger Games and Divergent. 

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