The Infernal Battalion (The Shadow Campaigns, #5)

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Rating: 5/5 Stars

Geez. What do I even say?

 This is literally one of the best fantasy series I have ever read.

It just hit all the right notes for me. 

An expansive world set in the age of gun smoke, and upon a foundation of nuanced & well-researched military strategy.

A smartly written story line teaming with interesting magic & a satisfying grand design.

An amazing cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities, each rising to the occasion as necessary, and each capturing me with their individual depth & charm.

In particular, I have to especially mention main character Winter Ihernglass. She is strong. She is competent. She is in touch with her emotions. She brave & complex & powerful in evolution as a character. She is the female protagonist we all want in our fantasy stories & accompanied by so many more excellent female characters.

This wrap up came with all the drama & tears & resolution I hoped it would. 

I'm here to tell you, my heart was in my throat for nearly all 500+ pages. And it was worth it. 

I'm so thankful to have found this series, as it's not often that I feel so immediately ready to experience the story I just finished again. A consistently wonderful journey that I foresee rereading many, many times in the future.

The Infernal Battalion is a beautifully fitting conclusion to The Shadow Campaigns. It only leaves me waiting not-so-patiently for the next masterpiece Django Wexler will publish!


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