The Short Drop (Gibson Vaughn, #1)

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4.5/5 stars

The Short Drop is great book, one which belies the fact that it was a debut from the author.

Thrillers do not feature frequently in my reading repertoire but when I get hold of a good one, it becomes literally unputdownable.  Maybe that's why I don't read them as much as that can be exhausting.  Given the genre for what it is, I firmly believe that there is no point for long reviews as it will only serve to reveal too much of the book and hence reduce the excitement of turning its pages. 

A missing person, political intrigue, cyber-hacking & investigations, and a hired assassin.  This novel has all the necessary ingredients to make a good thriller but in order to make it great, the delivery needed to be well-executed.  FitzSimmons succeeded in doing so.  The tension, suspense and intrigue were tightly paced throughout the story with great characters complemented by a well-crafted and clever plot. 

His regret was cold and offered no comfort. Filled up with words that he wished he had spoken and the faces he wished he had spoken them to.

The titular Gibson Vaughn, is an ex-marine and legendary hacker who had been approached by a covert organisation to investigate the disappearance of the well-loved daughter of a politically powerful figure.  A man with a tumultuous past, Gibson also had a personal and close relationship with the missing person that only served to make the story even more engaging and the plot more involving.  To cap it all off, the disappearance occurred a decade ago.  The prose was simple and crisp, with a narrative that balances the fast-paced momentum of the plot while ensuring sufficient character development for both the main protagonist and the supporting cast.  

An eternal truth of the human condition was that no one ever thought they were evil. No matter how reprehensible their actions, people always convinced themselves they were justified.

I highly recommend this book, for fans of thrillers or just anyone who is looking for a riveting read. 

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