An Unwelcome Quest (Magic 2.0, #3)

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4/5 stars.

The third book of Magic 2.0 is more enjoyable than its predecessor, though still not as good as the first; its storyline succinctly encapsulated by the title of the book, An Unwelcome Quest.

Ahhhh... quests!!  This brought back wonderful childhood memories of playing PC quest and adventure games, such as the likes of King's Quest and Hero's Quest.   The one I remember most fondly will always be King's Quest 1.  Typed commands, anyone? 

Our fellow time-travelling wizards in medieval England found themselves trapped in a quest game masterminded by Todd, who had an axe to grind with Philip and his friends after they stripped him of access from the file and sent him away as punishment for breaking the rule of abusing its use on another human being.   

Hilarious scenes after hilarious scenes ensued when the wizards, who were now removed from their powers, faced the dangers in a buggy computer game filled with lazily programmed wolves and poorly executed and overused cliches that only an idiot like Todd can muster.   With the aspiring fantasy author within Philip's group, the argumentative discourse that bubbled forth between a supremely agitated Tyler and an obtusely petulant Todd was comedy gold. 

The character that changed the entire dynamics among the wizards, in an interesting way, is Jimmy.  As the wild card entry into this reluctant team of questors, he added a flavour of unpredictability which, in my opinion, the plots in these books had so far lacked.   As such, the addition of Jimmy back into the fold made the story more compelling.  

I did have a minor issue with the narrative when it becomes a bit too repetitive or overly descriptive.  These were the times when I found my attention wandering off and I had to rewind to catch what I've missed.   

Again, I have to mention that Luke Daniels' narration of this series is absolute perfection.   And I strongly believe that I will re-listen to these audiobooks again when I need some witty, whimsical and light-hearted fun.



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