Soul Siphon (Soul Stones, #0.1)

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Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Soul Siphon is a short story that leads into T.L. Branson's debut YA Fantasy series, Soul Stones, which is set to release its first installment in 2018. 

It follows King Drygo of Sunbury, grieving over the recent loss of his wife, as he responds to a vicious attack by the neighboring province of Havan. 

If there's anything I am a sucker for, it's a cool magic system. From this story, I gather it will focus on soul manipulation which certainly grabs my attention. I'd be curious to see how this system branches out & develops in the full novel.

The writing style is succinct & well constructed, especially the scenes detailing the magic system in action. I had no trouble at all picturing what was being described.

My critique for this short story is that I could've used just a little bit more information about the world & characterization to really pique my interest. I wanted a better sense of who Drygo is, of how he relates to his subjects, of why the events of this story were unfolding in the first place.

I imagine these questions I have will be addressed in the full novel, but where short stories are concerned there is only a short amount of space to capture the reader's attention. I prefer just a touch more depth for a story like this to function as it's meant to. 

That said, this is definitely a promising introduction to the series!

***I received an ARC copy of this short story from the author in exchange for an honest review. Special thank you to T.L. Branson for this opportunity!***

Publication Date: September 29th, 2017

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