Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3)

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3/5 stars. 

Grave Peril was such a mixed bag that I actually felt disoriented when I finished it.

The plot started out strong and I was completely engrossed during the first half of the book.  However, in the end, I found the plot to be overly strung out and convoluted to be convincing. Everything that which culminated into the climax just seemed too elaborate a set-up and Harry's resolutions to the endless stream of dire situations he got himself into begun to appear far-fetched, and even convenient at times. 

The expansionary paranormal worldbuilding and development of Harry's character continued to be the highlight of the series.   The spooky ghosts, the mysterious Fae, and the intriguing vampire court were all completely riveting, as was the unexpected knowledge of the identity of Harry's godmother.  This revelation really opened up a whole new dimension to Harry's back story which begs to be explored further.  

Character development also kicked up a notch in this instalment.  While Murphy didn't feature much in this instalment, there was a compelling and touching moment when Harry's wizard Sight revealed her in a spectacular manner.   Harry’s relationship with Susan also finally took a romantic turn, hitting both a high- and low-point, in the span of just this single volume.  

Harry gained a sidekick, so to speak, from a new character, Michael Carpenter - a Knight of the Cross who wields Amoracchius, an incredibly powerful object of faith in the form of a sword.  Michael seemed a bit too righteous for my liking despite understanding that the strength of his unwavering faith made him into what he is and enables him to utilise the sword effectively. 

The pacing of the story ensured a strong momentum to keep the reader engaged so even though I had issued with the plot, I can't say that I was ever bored. There will be some serious consequences to our Wizard P.I. post the climactic events at the end of this instalment so while I both enjoyed and felt frustrated with this read, my curiosity and love for the supernatural should keep me powering through this series for the moment. 


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