Ships from the West (Monarchies of God #5)

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I'm a great lover of epic fantasy. Whether it be films or books, the preference remains. I've been hooked on to the genre for so long, I don't even know what ignited the addiction. The earliest I can remember is watching the LoTR films. I've always been fascinated by stuff out of the ordinary. I think that was what spawned my love for all things fantasy. The LoTR films were fantastic. So were the more recent Hobbit films. I think the success of the films had a lot to do with the brilliance of Peter Jackson, the film director. 


Back to Ships from the West, the book was good. Infact, more than good. If I were a movie producer or I owned such an outfit as Paramount Pictures or Warner Bros., I'd buy the filming rights to this series and begin shooting with Peter Jackson as director. The series is no. 1 in my list of books that should be made into movies. It's that good. 

Ships from the West covers far more plotline than the preceeding books. The story is also much faster. If the previous book 'The Second Empire' was violent and bloody, this one is pure unleashed carnage. So many of my favorite characters died, I actually stopped having any feelings of sentiment for any of them. There's a hero, heroes actually, but most of the characters have become gray.

All in all, one of the best books I've ever read. The next and final part of the series will decide if Monarchies of God will dethrone Sword of Truth as my second-best ever fantasy series(not sure any series could dethrone WoT as my best ever fantasy series). 



HOLY F***ING SH*IT!!!! I simply cannot believe this... The series has ended! I was so carried away that I forgot the series was only 5 books long. I was actually searching for a book 6! Wtf! This is a disaster of titanic proportions! Why, Paul Kearney, why??! This wasn't supposed to happen! How could the series end here. Yes, Corfe is alive. But what happens to his newly won Kingdom? No good epilogue? All we know is that he met with Ramusio and Shahr Baraz! This is terrible! I'm so disappointed. It's like having a delicious meal snatched before reaching 'utility' level! Chai! E le yi o ma da o! Diaris God ooo! 

Anyways, good series. Definitely one of my best ever. As my first ever military fantasy series, it's given me some encouragement to read Malazan. 

I'm out of words now to describe this series.... 

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