Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, #2)

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3/5 stars.

Fool Moon started to show promising signs of improvement over the first book, even though most existing fans indicate that the series really only get better from Book 3 or 4 onwards. 

I definitely enjoyed Harry more as a character in this book as he just felt so real.  His tendencies for hilarious soliloquy or internal monologues while facing dangerous and grim circumstances might be a tad cheesy sometimes but it was fun and I think it worked for stories like these.  Harry's backstory was also being gradually teased out; a very cheeky approach by Mr Butcher to keep me invested in our modern-day wizard and reading these books. 

The plot in Fool's Moon was also better than Storm Front in my opinion.  The mystery was more involving, the villain(s) more believable and it took me much longer to be able to cast any suspicions on who the real culprits were.   The narrative also seemed to flow better in this installment and I found myself excited to pick up the book again whenever I had to put it down to get on with real life.

I believe that this will be a pattern in the series where the readers get introduced to different forms of supernatural beings and foes as we progress from one book to the other.  With “moon” in the title, I probably wouldn’t be spoiling anything by mentioning that we are dealing with werewolves in this novel.   World-building in urban fantasy requires a pretty different level of creativity as one is confined to a certain extent with already commonly known myths of supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc.  I have to give it to the author for being able to take these well-known mythological creations and infuse some form of variation into them to make it his own. 

The one thing that affected my enjoyment of this book was that of the tension building up between Harry and Agent Karrin Murphy, who works within the Special Investigation (read: weird stuff) division of the Chicago police force.   This is the typical scenario where one tried to protect the former by not being completely upfront, and the latter then developed a mistrust of the former for doing so.  The kind of character conflict which I absolutely disliked being used as a plot device.  Just spare me the angst.  Fortunately, it only lasted long enough until they had to work together to dispose of the enemy.  Let’s just hope that the trajectory of their relationship continues to improve.  Character development elsewhere still remained pretty bland.   Notwithstanding, the story and worldbuilding were good enough to at least put this in the category of an entertaining read.

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