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Preacher, Vol. 1: Gone to Texas (Preacher #1)

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Gritty, Violent, and Chock-Full of Fun

Having watched most of the first season of the TV adaptation on AMC last year, I went into the reading of the graphic novel knowing I was in for a crazy, weird, thrilling, eventful ride of a story. Though I didn't finish the first season of Preacher (mostly because the storyline felt rather slow, and now knowing it really doesn't represent what Ennis has given us), I have been told Season 2 really returns to the roots of the graphic novels so I am interested to see how it takes off (Season 2 began on June 26th and is currently DVR'd).

Now, on to the source material. Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas introduces us to Reverend Jesse Custer. An alcoholic with, only what can be described as, a disturbing upbringing who has a power bestowed upon him. It is called Genesis. Much like the voice of God, "the Word" gives Custer the ability to make all those who listen obey his every command. After losing his flock and his church in a fire, Jesse meets up with his previous girlfriend turned assassin (Tulip) and an alcoholic, Irish vampire (Cassidy) and they travel across country in search of answers. What he encounters on this trek can only be described as fierce opposition and those from Heaven who want to bring Genesis back where it belongs. 

Vol. 1 of Preacher, though one of the most insane things I have ever read, was outstanding. I can now see why there was so much hype for the TV show and why people keep telling me that I need to read what Ennis has brought forth. The art is fabulous and shows the true grittiness of the storyline. The writing added enough violence/blood/gore/language/sex/drugs to keep this puppy as an adult read and, while there are a few stories going on at the same time throughout the novel, you never lose what is going on and the stories just add to the overall experience. I immediately picked up Book 2 and will more than likely read the entire series unless it just goes too far off the wagon.

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