The Shadow Throne (The Shadow Campaigns, #2)

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Rating: 5/5 Stars


I enjoyed this book immensely! Holy cow.

I never would have guessed that I'd find myself loving a piece of military fantasy this much, but there's something about this series that keeps me so entertained.

While reading this story, the words were completely wrapping me up in a blanket of politics, magic, and war. 

I was entranced, breathing hard, shaking my fists, making faces, the whole nine yards. 

Stories that are heavy on politics, by nature, are slow moving. It's required in order for the reader to get a thorough grasp on all the moving pieces. I found the pace here suitably steady given the scope of the story, flipping back and forth between perspectives at just the right moment to keep me musing over what would happen next.

Wexler's writing is descriptive without being overwhelming. He provides the reader with a detailed picture of each scene in elegant & concise sentences.

I also have to brag on the characters in this story. Each is distinctive & engaging. An even spread of male & female perspectives is not always the easiest thing to accomplish in a series that's so heavily composed around a military setting, but Wexler delivers it beautifully.

There isn't a single perspective I don't enjoy.

I was consistently wondering "Where will this go? How will it end? Who will survive?"

The small issue I had with The Thousand Names, which was that the fighting scenes carried on for slightly longer than necessary, was totally resolved in this installment. Would absolutely recommend this series!

I'm please to add this series to my list of all-time favorites & I am so beyond eager to begin The Price of Valor!


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