Wolverine: Old Man Logan (Wolverine, Vol. III #13)

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Everyone knows who Wolverine is, right? Not X-men Origins Wolverine or The Wolverine. We are talking about bad-a$$ Logan. Kinda sorta the one from the movie because he is old, tired, and grizzly; his healing factor has faltered a bit and he just wants to get away from all of the violence. 

But that is where the comparison ends. 

Old Man Logan takes us on a journey 50 years in the making. After the night the heroes fell, nobody knows what happened to Wolverine, nor any of the other heroes for that matter. All that is left is the shell of a former mutant. Logan lives on a shoddy farm with his wife and children and can barely make ends meet. The Hulk Gang, offspring of the infamous Bruce Banner, continually push Logan and his family to the brink. An old friend, who goes by Hawkeye, seeks Logan out for a job that will take them across the new Amerika, now ruled by the villains these heroes were sworn to protect us from. One that will pay him well at the end but is full of new mutants, dinosaurs, and old foes who are looking to settle a score. But Logan has one rule: no violence. 

You are in for a roller coaster ride of nostalgia, violence, loss, and redemption. It is simply-put: perfect.

Mark Millar has put together one of the best stories ever if you are a fan of Marvel comics or movies. You will not be left disappointed. Steve McNiven brings out the true grittiness and pure violence that is needed for this type of story and you could not ask for anything more. I will caution you though, there is a good deal of blood in this story so it's not for the lighthearted.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan is a little bit X-men and a little bit Avengers, mixed with Mad Max and a tiny sprinkle of Jurassic Park (just because DINOSAURS). Hope you love it as much as I did!

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