Wytches, Vol. 1 (Wytches #1)

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This is a fun, scary little graphic novel that collects Wytches 1-6.

The story focuses on two characters: Charlie Rook and his daughter, Sailor. Charlie and Sailor are dealing with the reality that their matriarch has become paralyzed after a recent accident when insult to injury is forced upon them: A girl who was bullying Sailor at school has been killed and only Sailor knows the truth behind her death. 

The family decides it's best to move to a new home in a new town, but what follows is anything but comforting. An evil has followed the Rook family to their new home. An ancient evil from underground. 


And it appears that someone has pledged Sailor to them. 

What follows is the story of a man doing anything possible to save his daughter. But this story isn't just about the creatures. Their is raw emotion here. Sailor suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder while her father struggles with alcoholism, which has pushed apart their relationship for years. The story shows how you will do anything for the ones you love, no matter the cost.

I read Wytches after King's little blurb. I generally grab anything he recommends. I definitely suggest grabbing this up and reading it. Also, props to Jock for the illustrations.

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