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The Cape (The Cape)

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This was a fantastic little graphic novel that is based off of a short story in Joe Hill's '20th Century Ghosts' collection, adapted by Jason Ciaramella, and illustrated by Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel.

The story is of a young boy named Eric whose life is changed after a traumatic accident. But it isn't the accident itself that changes Eric. It's the fact that he has gained the power to fly but his mother has taken his cape and thrown it away. Sounds like a lead up to a dumb story, I know. But you try being an 8-year old and your mother throws away your most prized possession. 

As Eric grows up, he begins to resent everyone in his life that has disappointed him: his girlfriend, Angie, his brother, and his mother. He finds out that Angie, after their break-up, has started sleeping with Nicky and his mother never got rid of the cape in the first place. This, snowballed with all of the severe headaches Eric gets, begins to give him an edge and his anger reaches an all time high. Instead of using his found power for good, he decides to seek vengeance on his loved ones. 

The artwork is stunning and reminds me of the Locke & Key series that was illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. The storyline is a little choppy as we don't see a ton of Eric's life between age 8 and his adult self, but there is enough here for a good 20-30 min read.

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