We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse, #1)

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3.5/5 stars.

Have you ever wished you could undertake true space exploration but realistically believe that your lifespan may not be long enough to survive the journey? Well, not if you are Bob.

Robert Johansson, more affectionately known as Bob, was an engineer in the 21st century who signed up for having his head cryogenically preserved upon his death for future resuscitation into a new body.  In a strange ironic twist of fate, Bob died within 24 hours of doing so and woke up a bit more than a century later.   What he didn't expect was that his new body will be in the form of a computer program; Bob has become a replicant. His mission was to be the artificial intelligence manning interstellar probes to search for habitable planets and it turns out that America was not the only country who wanted to lay claim to being the first to seek out new worlds. 

Bob's 'voice' was hilarious and the narrator of the audiobook was perfect in bringing Bob to life. Even being a typical geeky introverted loner, when faced with the prospect of complete solitude in space, Bob realised that all humans eventually crave company. The meat of the story really began when Bob created a virtual reality to feel more like a human instead of just being a bodiless mind.  Once he got over this existential crisis, he finally started making more clones of himself to progress on his mission, and admittedly for some company.   And then there was GUPPI - seriously my favourite 'character' in this series so far.  Bob may be quite funny but GUPPI is the icing on the cake but I am not inclined to say anymore as this really needs to be discovered.  

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) was not your typical space opera.  In fact, it didn't feel anything like the usual storytelling of introduction, build-up and climax.   As the variations of Bobs headed off to other galaxies to search for habitable planets, while one returned to Earth to ascertain the fate of humans since the original Bob left over two decades ago and another decided to attempt terraforming a potential planet, the narrative felt very much like an episodic futuristic reality show of space exploration.  It still was really enjoyable, even though I wouldn't call it remarkable as yet.   

All in all, it was still fun and cosmos/space geeks will love the interstellar exploratory and technological narrative.   The references to geeky pop culture, including Star Wars and Star Trek, will also not go amiss.  I do hope that Season Two - erm, I mean Book Two - will have a bit more tension to the plot/story.  

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