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Rating: 4.25/5 stars

“Am I not merciful?”

 When I first became active on GoodReads, this book was everywhere.  It seemed like at least twenty or thirty people were reading it and blowing up my feed with their status updates and reviews.  Science-Fiction is sometimes hit-or-miss for me, but the synopsis sounded interesting.  So I tracked down a cheap copy and honestly forgot about it for a few months.  Thankfully, some of my lovely friends invited me to buddy read it with them, and I enjoyed it immensely.

I was iffy on the formatting going in.  I mean, it was interesting and all, but I was afraid that such unusual formatting and so many constant alterations in that formatting would throw me out of the story.  That definitely didn’t happen.  Every time I turned a page I was excited to see what form this new section of the story would take.  The formatting ended up being my favorite part of the book.  Well, the formatting and the strong levels of sarcasm present in almost every character, main or secondary.  Because every person present within the fleet of ships seemed to have sass swimming through their veins. 

I won’t get into secondary characters, as so many of them die.  (Seriously, aaaallllll the death.)  Our three main characters are Kady, a hacker extraordinaire and the shining star in this story; Ezra, the boy Kady loves and loves to hate and who happens to be trapped on a separate spacecraft and conscripted into the military; and AIDAN, the Artificial Intelligence unit whose hard drive has been wounded in battle, and whose wounds have altered him dramatically in completely unprecedented ways.  All three are enthralling to read about, and AIDAN is one of the most unique characters I’ve come across in any book.  But Kady is the gem in this story.  She’s intelligent and strong and isn’t afraid to resort to completely insane tactics when it comes to fighting for things (and people) she believes in.  Out of all the YA I’ve read, Kady is probably my favorite heroine.

This was such a fun read.  It made me laugh out loud, which is rare for any book.  But it was also sad and scary and left me guessing.  I also loved all of the little hidden gems referencing other authors, because I’m a sucker for pop-culture references in my reading.  There were a couple of plot decisions that kept this from being a five-star read for me, but it was an incredibly enjoyable story, that I will most definitely be continuing with the rest of the series.

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