The Never Hero (Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs #1)

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3.5/5 stars.

How would you feel if you were fated to shoulder the responsibility of saving mankind from violent inter-dimensional creatures and yet have to remain anonymous to the point that no one can even remember it?

This is the origins story of Jonathan Tibbs, a reserved college student whose life was literally seized by the throat and changed permanently.   There isn't very much plot development in this debut except for the growth of Jonathan into a role that he did not volunteer for.   Being forced to harness an off-world power built into the very cells of his body to enable him to stand a chance of fighting these otherworldly enemy, he was thrust into a situation where he had no choice but to train and hone himself into a weapon.  But there's a difference , he will not be remembered as a hero for saving anyone nor will anyone even recall that they needed saving.  To make an allegory from of the book itself, Tibbs will never be known as the Batman who fought Superman. 

No one but he could see or remember. His story could never be like theirs; his alter ego could never be unmasked. He would never be the hero revealed, and therefore, never the hero.

While the book's genre is kind of a current day science fiction, the story at this point was not predominantly so.   Even though we have all the weird time paradox as the fight between Tibbs and the aliens happen in another plane of existence and inter-dimensional travel, the bulk of the story was focussed on his development into becoming the "never hero" that he needs to be in order to survive.  It dealt with him coming to terms with his destiny and how he was going to balance his need to be a strong and skilled fighter while maintaining his friendship with his housemates whom he had to keep in the dark (not that they can even begin to comprehend).

You may not have chosen this, but it has chosen you. Fearing it will not save you from it.

A promising debut, although it might not be for everyone.  When I say this is an origins story, I really meant it in its truest sense.  There were only two action scenes, one which occurred fairly early on when our main protagonist had no clue what was happening and the other towards the end after he had sufficiently trained to properly use the powers given to him.  However, I find Jonathan's very human journey in becoming a hero captivating enough for me to keep turning the pages.  I will finish this review with a little snippet which humourously summarises what training was like for our hero

It must have been like watching Batman run down to the Batcave and jump into the Batmobile, if Batman had the salary of a part-time hardware store employee.

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