The Paladin Caper (Rogues of the Republic #3)

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4/5 stars

Fight the enemy, not their people.  Even rogues have principles.

This was a satisfying conclusion to an interesting trilogy. While not in the same vein as the epics and classics of fantasy which I term as “Must Read”, this series is good in its own unorthodox and entertaining way. Think of it as a palate cleanser of sort, especially useful when getting over a book hangover, or when you just want to read something fun that doesn’t bust your brains or emotions too much. 

Firstly, the world-building was not too intricate and had a blend of something familiar yet different.  I can’t really pinpoint a suitable era to akin this to as it had both steampunk and medieval flavours, so all in all it was fairly unique. 

Then, there were also no complicated sub-plots within plots to wrap your head around. The story was straightforward, albeit not without some twists and revelations to keep it fascinating and the readers guessing.  There was a clear commentary of racial and cultural discrimination laced throughout the series. In this last book, the notion of human enslavement to modern wearable technology was definitely being explored.  While the premise was ultimately about saving the world, it had just the right spin to keep the story fresh. And finally, the pace was kept tight and fast, with a lot of action. 

Now, on to the best part - the characters. In my reviews of the previous books, I lamented about how we do not get to know enough of them given the large ensemble cast.  This was most felt in The Palace Job and was handled better in The Prophecy Con. The character development really improved in this book, especially for those whom I felt were a bit left out till now, in particular Kail, Icy, and even Dairy.  It also pleased me that the climax of the series gave each and every character their due credit instead of just focusing on one overriding main protagonist.  Nonetheless, I felt that there was one individual who stole the show and he was the one I was most curious about up until now, that is Indomitable Courteous Fist, aka Icy.  

Aside from each individual, there was also the growth and evolution of the interpersonal relationships between this ragtag crew of misfits which provided the touch of emotional resonance into this fun, action-packed series. 

In short, I definitely recommend this to anyone who has an interest in fantasy, in general, and heists, in particular.  It does get less ‘heist-like’ as the story progressed to higher 'save-the-world' stakes but there remained elements of a con-game in the background.

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