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Aftermath (Star Wars: Aftermath #1)

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After some deliberation and the fact that there are 2 more books to go in the trilogy that I have yet to read/listen to, I decided to give Aftermath another go. The first time around, I found myself back in nerd heaven. I mean come on, its Star Wars. What more do you need? It starts where Return of the Jedi ends and ends where The Force Awakens begins. It has Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles, AND Admiral Akbar, just to name a few. It has to bring back all the feels and get people pumped for the new Star Wars movies and canon, right? Well, it didn't. For A TON of people. And there are. A few reasons. Why. (Sorry, Chuck. I, in particular, like the way you write).

On the remote planet of Akiva, the Imperial's surviving elite are converging for an emergency summit. Licking their wounds from defeat, they realize that they must band together in order to strike back at the Republic. What they don't realize is that their prisoner, Wedge Antilles, has sent a distress call to the Republic, giving away the Empire's location and plans. What follows is the story of a former Rebel fighter, Norra Wexley, trying to reunite with her son while also answering Wedge's call. And to make matters even more difficult, she has to rely on a Zabrak bounty hunter and an Imperial deserter to help bring down the Empire. 

First off, I absolutely LOVED Mark Thompson's audiobook rendition of Aftermath. His voice acting is top notch and he bring Star Wars to live in the studio. Not to mention the sound effects and score in the background that just add to the story. As far as Wendig's writing, I thought he did a fine job. I didn't notice the fragmented/short sentences due to the audio, but it made for some exhilarating fight scenes. I did have a couple of grumblings though: First, I felt like Wendig tried too hard to put too much into the first book. There were several interludes that took place on several different planets and introduced several different characters. At some point, just stick to the characters you have and boost the storyline. Second, which ties in to the first, the characters in the main storyline could've been fleshed out a little better. I didn't find myself caring about Norra or her son Temmin, and to be honest, Temmin really got on my nerves with his constant whining. But I did enjoy Sinjir's humor and would like to see more of him in the future. 

3.5 for the story and 5 for Thompson's performance = 4 Overall. Looking forward to reading book 2, Life Debt, to see how Wendig grows in the trilogy.


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