Soda Pop Soldier: A Novel

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First off, I love me some Nick Cole. When I heard he wrote a novel similar to RPO, I was on it like white on rice. He creates worlds that you will fall in love with, characters you will laugh and cry with, and plots with just enough twists and turns that will keep you coming back for more. Cole also writes at a fast pace with tons of action so there is plenty here for everyone.

 SPS is a Call of Duty/MMORPG/Puzzle game (I believe the coined term is MMOPUNK) that has, by sheer talent, been turned into a novel. AND IT IS AWESOME. But don't be fooled by that. There is a story here. One of loss and triumph; a professional gamer at the end of his rope must find a way to win back the one he loves. But in order to do just that, he will have to save himself. He will have to venture into the Black, an underground and illegal gaming community where you can live out your darkest fantasies and desires. He will have to lead his ColaCorp comrades to a victory in their final battle, one that will decide the fate of the company and their livelihoods. But that is only in the gaming world. In reality, he is being chased by a maniac who will stop at nothing to see Wondersoft, ColaCorp's opposition, rise to the top of the advertising plateau.

Like I said, I love Cole's work and SPS is probably my favorite one to date. There are similarities to RPO, but this one stands on its own as a new edition to the MMOPUNK/Gaming genre. 


You can purchase Soda Pop Soldier: A Novel on Amazon


The prequel, CNTRL ALT Revolt!, is out now on Amazon


Cole is currently working on the Soda Pop Soldier sequel, and I for one will be one of the first to read it!

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