Hell Divers (Hell Divers #1)

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USA Today Bestseller

Audible Editor's Pick of 2016

Audible Best of 2016 in Science Fiction

With those accolades, this has to be good, right?

I first became aware of Smith's writing with his Extinction Cycle series (now re-released by Orbit). This guy can write post-apoc/military science fiction with the best of them and Hell Divers is another shining example as to why he is an author to watch in the genre. Thrilling, action-packed, and emotional writing lift this novel out of the ashes of a war-torn post-apoc America. 

Smith's writing is very detailed and visual, so there will be no stone unturned when it comes to firefights or hand-to-hand combat. His characters are well drawn out and each has their own internal struggles to partner with the external drive to survive. He has really grown as a writer since his Extinction Cycle series as he shows the ability to write from several different viewpoints and bring them all together in the end. Having said that, there are similarities with his previous works that make the story feel flat and overused, though there are added elements that make it refreshing.

I don't have to say this, but I would hate to leave him out. RC Bray is just simply phenomenal with his audio narration and I hope he will continue with the series. He is one of the best out there for a reason.

Overall, if you are new to Smith's works, pick up Hell Divers and you'll enjoy the heck out of it. Book 2 comes out later this Summer and he is continuing his Extinction Cycle series to the enjoyment of his fans.


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