Ghosts of Tomorrow

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Let me begin by saying that Michael R. Fletcher is the best thing to happen to my Kindle/bookshelf in the past 5 months. Beyond Redemption was my top read of 2016 and the sequel, The Mirror's Truth, is 1000 times better. Not sure how he pulled that off, but I can't put anything past him. Now, with Ghosts of Tomorrow, Fletcher has moved away from Fantasy/Grimdark and ventured into Science Fiction. When I heard this news, I thought he had gone out binge drinking and had forgotten that he was a fantasy writer. I decided to give it a shot (get it, shot?) and was pleasantly surprised that IT WASN'T SHITE!

Children are being stolen from their families and their brains are being farmed in hidden creches across North America. On the Black Market, these brains are being traded between extremists and put into combat chassis for security and protection, but also to wage war with feuding Mafias and the North American Trade Union who looks to shut them down.

Griffin, a junior investigations agent for NATU, is tasked with shutting down illegal creches and finding who is ultimately responsible. Along with Abdul, a recently deceased 17-year old boy turned heavy weapons unit, and Nadia, an investigative reporter assigned to Griffin, he will begin to uncover secrets of the underground trade that will not only put their lives in danger, but the lives of the everyone around them. 

The scanned mind of an autistic girl, simply known as 88, is being harbored in South America and is looking for a way out. But not in the way you may think. She has manipulated her way into running the South American Mafia's business interests and continues to make copies of herself, called Mirrors, in order to advance her reach. With the enlisted service of a 14-year old boy/robot-samuri/cool as heck gunslinger known as Archaeidae, she looks to take out all who oppose her.

Now that you know a little bit about the book, let's talk about quality. I know Fletcher can write and so should you. He has this ability to dive into characters without any flashy background information and make you care about them. Want to know why? Because it is easy to identify with characters that are much like ourselves, that go through some of the same things we do, like depression or loss. His ability to get inside each character's mind and bring out their innermost thoughts just adds to their like ability. 

Go grab a copy, especially for the awesome cover, but mostly for what is inside. Fletcher should be on top of your TBR list and will more than likely stay there once you've read this.


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