Disappearance at Devil's Rock

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I was first introduced to Tremblay’s writing through A Head Full of Ghosts, thanks to Stephen King’s ranting and raving. That novel was the first in a while to truly put an ounce of fear into my life. Now we arrive at Disappearance at Devil’s Rock, which is called a horror novel by some. I don’t quite agree with this but I digress.

The plot revolves around a family whose lives have been turned upside down after the disappearance of their son. Elizabeth Sanderson receives a call from one of her son Tommy’s best friends and comes to find out that Tommy has vanished without a trace in a local park. As time goes on and no new evidence comes to light, Elizabeth and her daughter Kate become increasingly afraid that Tommy will never be found. Josh and Luis, Tommy’s best friends, begin to slowly leak details of what may occurred but may not be telling the whole truth. On top of that, mysterious occurrences start happening around the Sanderson household. Pages from Tommy’s journal begin appearing randomly in the living room, detailing things Elizabeth did not know about her son and making her think that he may be somehow attempting to contact them. The search continues and the truth becomes more clear, but it may not be the answer they are looking for.

Tremblay did a magnificent job keeping me on the edge of my seat. I always felt that I was right on the cusp of figuring out the ending but then the story takes a hard left turn. The cast of characters were well drawn out and the eerie environment did keep the suspense ramped up. I recommend this as more of a mystery/thriller with a bit of horror thrown in. Definitely not as scary as AHFOG but read it if you have enjoyed his previous works.

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