The Graveyard Book

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Rating: 5/5 Stars

I’ve now officially read every novel and short story and piece of nonfiction that Gaiman has published, outside of his graphic novels.  And this particular book was probably one of my favorites.

 It was an adorable adventure, a dark version of The Jungle Book if Mowgli had been raised by ghosts instead of jungle predators.  

Gaiman writes wonderful children’s books.  Sometimes kids want to read something that scares them just a little, and Gaiman does that very well, both in this book and in Coraline.  He manages to balance the creepy and the cute in a way that, though a child reading might feel a small thrill of terror, they understand that everything will work out all right in the end.  Or, that’s been my experience, at least.  

Nobody Owens, who goes by Bod, is as well-adjusted as one could hope of a boy raised in a graveyard but its deceased residents.  He stumbles into grand adventures with his teachers and friends (both living and dead), and always comes out on the other side just a bit more mature than when he entered.  This is a story about growing up, and it was lovingly told. 

It was also beautifully and lovingly narrated.  I listened to the audiobook, because while Gaiman is not quite one of my favorite authors (though I do love his work and he's in my top ten), he is without a doubt my favorite audiobook reader.  There is something about an author narrating their own books that is simply magical.  And it doesn’t hurt a thing when that author’s voice sounds just the tiniest bit like Benedict Cumberbatch, who will always be my Sherlock.  All in all, this was a fun story well-told, and I highly recommend it.


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