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Dark Matter

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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

“Are you happy with your life?”

Single question that you’ve probably wondered or been asked several times throughout your life. How far will you go to save the one you love? Do you ever have any regrets in your life and wondered what would happen if you didn’t make that mistake?

 Obviously we all have regrets, we lose someone, we regret some of the choices we make, and we thought something like “I shouldn’t have said that”, “I should’ve done the other option” and a tons other similar questions that came up in our head. These questions is why Dark Matter is a book suitable for everyone and in my opinion a must read whether you like the genre or not.

“For anyone who has wondered what their life might look like at the end of the road not taken.”

This phrase basically summed up all human and why I think everyone should give this book a chance.

I won’t even talk about the plot in this book, sorry but I just can't, anything I said could be a bit spoilery cause everything that happened in the plot literally starts from the beginning and the pace goes as fast as a roller-coaster until the end. I strongly encourage you to jump into this book blindly, don’t look at the blurb, don’t even read this review if you want. I will say this though, this book is a really fantastic Sci-Fi thriller. It's unique and it will gripped you from the beginning and it doesn’t let go until the last page. The writings and format are really easy to follow and plus the intensity of the plot makes this book a really amazing page turner.

The only minor problem I have with the book is I thought the ending is a bit ‘Hollywood’ for me. (Sony lined up to the right for a movie adaptation of this book even when the book weren’t out yet back in 2014, only from a 150 pages manuscript so that could be the reason for the ending.)

Sci-Fi has always been one of my favorite genres of all time but until now I’ve only encountered a few great sci-fi book despite how many great movies, anime or video games I experienced in the genre. This is one of them. Not only it’s great for the reasons I mentioned above, the book also deals deeply with the theme of love, sacrifices, family, regret and choices.

"Life doesn’t work that way. You live with your choices and learn."

I'll be proceeding with my life with the lesson I learned from this book that I’ve always known and yet can’t help but forget sometimes. To not look back, no more regrets, every choices I ever made or will make is mine, bad or good I’ll live and make the best out of it. No more taking things for granted and I hope you'll be able too. Read this book, seriously.

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