Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time #6)

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Another thrilling end! 


Having added Cairhien to his list of conquests, alongside the Aiel, Tear and Caemlyn, The Dragon Reborn focuses his attention on Sammael in Illian. In the meanwhile, the plotting of Aes Sedai reaches its peak, as their very actions threaten the life and sanity of the Dragon well as the fate of the whole world. 

Just when you think it can't get any bigger, it becomes even more vast. There are a lot more POVs, each with it's own unique take on happening events. It means that readers get an even bigger picture of unfolding events, with the added element of seeing and analysing events from different angles, a great experience. It also allows the reader to enjoy the story with actually bothering about how events will turn out. 

We see Aes Sedai struggling amongst themselves to take Moiraine's place. We see the politicking skills of Rand al'Thor as he plays the two factions of the divided White Tower, one against the other. 

The characters reach a new level of development: Mat's reckless spending, Faile's jealousy, Min's mooning over Rand, and Perrin having to explain to Lord Bashere how his daughter and heir ended up marrying a mere blacksmith. There's also the development of the character Olver, a young orphaned boy growing up around grownups- a unique experience, thhe Salidar Aes Sedai and the offers to bond Mat as Warder. 

I read with a smile on my face, so many expressions flittering through my face as I read. Robert Jordan has brought literary realism to a totally new level. A pity the author had to die when he did. His writing is simply unique!


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