The Silent Tempest (Embers of Illeniel #2)

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I finished this in triple-quick time! 


I don't remember reading a book this quickly. I was expecting it to take at least a week, given my busy schedule and my relatively low reading speed of late. 

The only book I remember to have invoked strong emotions in me is Faith of the Fallen. The Silent Tempest did more than just that. It made me sit and think, really think. 

The story isn't particularly plot based. It's more focused on the characters. Characters that accurately reflect human behaviour: our fears, flaws, love, hate and great range of emotions. 

The humans in the story stand in stark contrast to the She'Har, who are as inhuman in their feelings as they are in their actions. The story highlights the Law of Sowing and Reaping, how one's actions can make or mar one in the future, how a man's experiences can shape his life... There's just so much to learn from this. 

The writing style invokes a lot of passion for the characters, both the protagonists and antagonists.

'The Silent Tempest' is a highly suitable name for this magnificent piece of writing. A bit sad to see that the final instalment of the series won't be out till next year. 


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