Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1)

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(If I had written this a few hours earlier, I'd be totally and hysterically fangirling all over the review, but since I've got my wits about me I'll be more coherent. :D)

What a world!!

Be it Ketterdam or Ravka, Bardugo’s settings are astounding. 

Just. One. Big. Spectacular. World. 

After reading Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows, I knew that this series would also be nothing short of amazing. I had high hopes for this and it definitely met all those expectations.

The plot was quite fascinating and in sync with the world building. Bardugo wrote so beautifully that you'll sometimes re-read sentences because they're just that good.

I really liked Alina's character. It wasn't forced nor contrived. Hers was a very natural progression from being a common mapmaker to a rare Sun Summoner. Her emotional journey was enjoyable. Her love, her fear, her confusion, her insecurities and her resolve, all made her a likeable and relatable heroine. 

Although, Bardugo's teenagers have a great character building (Six of Crows can testify to that too), Mal kind of fell flat. I didn’t feel connected to him. It was as if the author was telling us to feel something for Mal instead of showing us. I would've liked to have seen more of him in the beginning of the book. Perhaps that would've made him more engaging.

And then there was the Darkling. 

(Looks great up there no?! *winks*)

He's not the typical misunderstood character nor do I think Bardugo intends him to be. He is what he is - and boy is he complex!! He'll make your head spin if you try to figure out if he's right or wrong, should be loved or hated etc etc.

But I can say this for sure that he's the character that'll evoke strong feelings in the reader - be it swooning or just plain ol' whacking in the face!

Plus, there isn't that much romance in this book. A few kisses here and there and some boy-contemplation by Alina, aaand that's about it. The book mainly focuses on the action/adventure. And it was nice. If the romance doesn't smothers the book then it's a winner for me!

Oh and I'm so happy that I already have the other books waiting for me. I would've died if I had to wait a whole year like the others to get my hands on the next book!!

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