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Interview with SPFBO Author C.F. Welburn

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Welcome to! Can you tell us a few things about yourself?

Greetings! I'm an English writer, living in Madrid, keeping the wolf from the door by teaching 6th grade goblins. In my spare time I write, read, travel, game and listen to loud music. I've loved fantasy since I learnt to read. Fighting Fantasy, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Hobbit were my gateway drugs.

Editor’s Note: We always knew someone had to teach all those goblins before us D&D players dispose of them by the throngs.

What book did you enter SPFBO with, and is it your debut?

The Ashen Levels. Yes, it's my debut novel (not counting the shoeboxes of scrawled A4 pads), although I've previously published a couple of novellas.

Tell us a few things about it. What should the Judge you'll be allocated to, expect from it?

It's a character driven story about overcoming adversity to discover an impossible truth. The world building is sublime--not info-dumped--and builds from a tiny fire lit hub to encompass continents, growing with the protagonist's exploration. It takes some unpredictable twists and turns, has a dark sense of humour and some pretty prose.

Editor’s Note: Count us in! We’re all for pretty prose and dark humour.

You'll compete against 299 other books. Do you believe your book will stand out against the competition, and if yes, why?

I hope so. I'm rarely confident about these things. I believe that given the chance, people will enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it.


Under their noses.

Editor’s Note: Ew! They’re covered in snot, aren’t they?!

Why did you decide to enter SPFBO in the first place?

I've been following SPFBO17 and SPFBO18 closely and have read several of the finalists' books. I've always thought it would be a great experience and this year I have a book ready. The stars have aligned.

Are you working on a book right now? What should we expect from you next?

As soon as school breaks up I'll be chaining myself to my writing desk. I've got a rough outline and setting planned out, so just have to jump into it now and hammer my daily word counts. The biggest difference is it's in an entirely new world and will contain multiple POVs.

Anything else you would like to add? A message to the other contestants, the Judges, or Mark Lawrence himself?

Good luck everyone. As in past years I will attempt to read at least some of the finalists. Judges... are cool. And very good looking. Mark, thanks for going beyond the call of duty and championing the indie cause.

Editor’s Note: Nice try, Welburn! We know a sweet-talker when we see one!

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European?


Editor’s Note: Third person to ask this question in a row, you’ve officially unlocked our No-Prize! On a serious note, good luck in the competition, Craig and we all hope you have a great time over the next few months! 


Filip Magnus

Filip picked up his first fantasy novel when he was seven and hasn’t stopped reading since. A critical reader who judges novels on their technical use of language and plot alike, he has a soft spot for literary fiction and tragic, heroic tales.

In his free time, Filip writes fiction, makes gaming reviews on YouTube, and maintains a personal blog. All that when he’s not too busy going through piles of books in as short a time as possible.