Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth #5)

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Terry Goodkind does not fail to impress with this instalment of the Sword of Truth series. 


Much of Goodkind's writings is simply a contrast between good and evil, how one grays into the other, and the choices made by humans regarding both options. Everything is then finely cloaked in a whirlwind of intense magic, and a hugely complex plot line. 

The story takes a lot of buildup-such a piece of writing is best done that way, in order to serve up the climax at the best possible moment... 

The story is basically about choices. The people of Anderith have to choose between thinly but finely cloaked tyranny, and freedom with a price. Their rulers are corrupted by centuries of delusioned supremacy over other ethnic groups. When faced with a choice between good and evil, they choose to try to eat their cake and have it, attempting to choose evil while playing around for the nonexistent positive, and duly pay the price. 

Richard Rahl and his crew are once again portrayed as the bringers of freedom. Their kind of freedom is just as it is in the real world-there is no true freedom, only a light form of tyranny dependent on the personality of the ruler and the range of choices available... 

I'm so enthralled by this series that I'm actually going to re-read the next book, Faith of the Fallen

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