Obsidio (The Illuminae Files #3)

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Rating: 4.5/5 stars

A satisfying conclusion to the most uniquely formatted trilogy I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.  

There’s very little I can say about this book without giving away any of the major plot points of the two preceding books.  There is lots of drama, much of it set on a spaceship.  There was a shipload of snark and sass. There were crazy plots and overwhelming odds and plenty of teenage daring-do.  There was star-crossed love, because of course.  There were surprising twists and turns, and saves that bordered on miraculous.

Actually, those miraculous saves are why this wasn’t a full 5-star read for me.  While there was tension in the plot, every time it looked like all hope was lost, I felt secure in the knowledge that wasn’t actually the case.  Everything was tied up so neatly in the end that it honestly felt too perfect.  Not that I’m complaining, exactly; I love happy endings.  But after the drama and tension that infused the entirety of the trilogy, the ending felt just a little too neat, if that makes sense. 

That being said, this was still incredibly enjoyable.  The characters are fun and well fleshed-out, though there was a tendency for their voices to sound vaguely similar in their sassy sarcasm.  I love the camaraderie formed between the members of this ragtag group from the scattered corners of the galaxies.  It’s amazing how much personality can be seen in chatroom logs and video surveillance feeds.  Speaking of, can I just say again how much I have enjoyed the unique mixed formatting of this trilogy?  It was almost impossible to stop reading, because each change in formatting drew the reader back in.  These three books are assembled case files, but I’m pretty sure real case files have never been this interesting. 

This is a special series.  The characters are unique, the format entrancing, and the setting out of this world. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!). There are so many little things to catch in these books that I feel certain they’re books I’ll reread in the future, even though YA still isn’t my favorite genre.  If it does happen to be your favorite, however, and you haven’t gotten around to reading the Illuminae Files yet, you’re missing out.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a (physical) copy of these.  It’s the best YA sci-fi-fi series I’ve had the pleasure of reading.


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