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The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer #2)

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A great book with one of the most fascinating magic systems ever created! 


The Blinding Knife sure took me long enough to read. Brent Weeks has a writing problem. His plot building is terrible. He likes to gloss over several unimportant aspects of the story without any ignition till you're halfway done with the book. It's alright for a book to ignite only from halfway. But it's bad when the first half of the book has contributed nothing to the plot. Over 600 pages, this book could have done without 300 pages. It's no use prolonging a story when the main action covers only a couple hundred pages. Almost as bad as Anthony Ryan's Tower Lord. Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive books only ignited from about 2/3 of the books. But at least, the preceeding plot building was excellent. Interesting without even catching fire. Brent Weeks could do more to improve his writing 

Having gotten the negatives out of the way, the book was simply marvelous. Beautiful story. Action packed. Took of nicely from where the first installment of the series ended. I just can't stop liking Kip. Although I feel a little pity for Gavin. After all he's done to save his world, he certainly deserved better than losing all his colors. 

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