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The Shadow Throne (The Ascendance Trilogy #3)

Write on: Mon, 01 Aug 2016 by  in Guests Reviews Read 2877

I'm truly lost for words as to how best to review this book. I need adjectives! Not the shallow descriptives you find in the English Language: English is a shallow language, very superficial. But I'll try in English, although my native Yoruba would be better. 


This was a fitting finale to a brilliant series. I think it would be better named The King of Wit. 

Throughout my reading of fiction, I've found few main characters as well developed and as memorable as Jaron. The ones closest to him I can remember are Richard in 'The Sword of Truth', Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Kip in the Lightbringer series, Kvothe in the Kingkiller Chronicles, and Matrim Cauthon in Wheel of Time. Jaron is arguably better than all of them. He's a mixture of brains and brawn. Most popular fictional characters have predominantly one of the two, usually brawn. Jaron is mostly brains, a crazy fool who isn't afraid of gambling with incredibly high stakes. He's a brave risk taker. Plus he's got the sense of humor to go with it, positively making him a pain in the arse too. I wonder who's the craziest gambler of him and Matrim Cauthon. They're quite similar. Humorous and crazy. Seemingly irresponsible. Always willing to take on impossible odds. Never frightened of going into the Devil's lair. Most times, Jaron ends up having to make a choice between the Devil and the stormy, gray sea. He's got the nerve to play a game of death with the Devil, all the while making jokes about the Devil's outfit. I just love Jaron! 

The book is well written. No dawdling over irrelevant matters. It's so fast paced, you're swept away. It's intriguing, nail-biting drama. It's the kind of suspense that keeps you guessing till the very end. It also has a quality of being unpredictable. It doesn't have the main features of your typical epic fantasy story. For one, it's utterly without magic. Not a shred. 

I could go on and on about the book and never finish. All in all its one of the best series I've ever read


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