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The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince

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Rating: 4/5 stars

There needs to be more novella like this.

The Legend of the Piebald Prince was first briefly mentioned in chapter 31 of Royal Assassin. In this novella, we get to see the full story of the legend, which mostly focused on explaining the dark history of the Farseer line long before FitzChivalry Farseer’s storyline and the most important one, it shed light on why The Wit became despicable by the society in the first place.

This is a short book, just around two hours read for me, but within 160 pages Hobb managed to tell a compelling story of tragedy, love, and betrayal. The book is divided into two parts/chapter only, I didn't expect the first part to be that dark in tone, it was fantastic. The second part sometimes felt a bit draggy but it was absolutely worth it to reach. As usual, Hobb’s prose remained the highlight of the book. Even though the book was told from a secondhand experience of the narrator, it was still engaging for me. Plus, there are a few apt and beautiful interior artworks done by Jackie Morris that will enhance the reader's experience, I know it did for me.

Picture: One of the interior artwork inside the book.

The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince is a great novella that provided a great insight into the history of Farseer and The Wit. I highly recommend this to any Robin Hobb's fans. I do have to mention that even though this is a prequel, I think it's better to read this one only after you read at least two books in The Farseer trilogy, this way you'll know more about The Wit and the families in the Six Duchies

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