Art of War by Various Authors - Book Review

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Disclaimer: I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for this review.

I've said before elsewhere that I enjoy short stories and this collection was no exception. In fact, based on my reading, it's probably the anthology that I'd be first to suggest to people looking for some quality short reads.

The overall theme of the book is warfare, so there is obviously a lot of action in these stories. But there is also contemplation and reflection, loyalty and betrayal, love and loss. I can't think of any of the stories that didn't engage me in multiple ways.

Since there are close to forty different authors contributing to it, there is a great variety in perspectives dealing with war. From those who take part in the fighting to those seeking to escape, those who have to survive the aftermath, and even those who are used as the excuse for fighting in the first place. Each of the stories offers something different to the reader and although not every story is going to be to everyone's taste (can't please all the people, all of the time), it is certainly a rewarding read.

Given that I'd already read and reviewed works by some of the authors involved and since I often take their suggestions for reading material, this book felt almost like a who's who of the fantasy part of my TBR list. In fact, that might actually be a great benefit to anyone who is hearing about some authors but unsure whether or not to buy their books; consider this a perfect sampler. Of course, that might expand your list like it has mine...

One more thing before I wrap this review up. The proceeds from this book are going to Doctors Without Borders. That alone would make this a worthy purchase. The fact that you're also getting some great stories from some very talented authors makes it irresistible. 

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