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A writer called Ben Mears returns to 'Salem's Lot to write a new novel and maybe bury a fear that continues to haunt him 20 years on. But Salem's lot has an ancient evil that is strongly linked with the spine chilling Marsten House. That evil is about to wreak havoc on 'Salem's Lot. Now I've never actually read a Stephen King novel. Although I didn't know what to expect, I had really high standards considering its Stephen King. And so here's my thoughts on Salem's Lot.

I've had a massive obsession with vampires since I watched Lost Boys at the age of 7 and I love Stephen King's take on vampires, it's classic yet unique. Despite it being quite cheesy, I found it to be a very creepy and an easy read considering it was written in 1975. The book takes part in a town called Jerusalem's Lot. A town towered over by the haunting presence of the Marsten House. We never really step outside of Jerusalem's Lot apart from a couple of flashbacks from the MC, Ben Mears. This didn't bother me in the slightest because the town hooks you with its captivating history and enchanting character. And if that wasn't enough. Salem's Lot is busting with interesting folk that you cant help feeling emotionally attached to. But just like any great book, the characters you come to love get ripped away from you in devastating fashion.

I found the book easier to read with it being split up into 3 different parts. Part 1 is basically an upbeat beginning as we get to know the characters and the town. Part 2 is where all the weird shit starts happening, Characters disappearing or acting really strange. This was probably my favourite part. It was full suspense and horror and some of the best writing I've ever read. Its easy to see why Stephen King is a legend of his trade. Part 3 is essentially when all the action happens, and for me, the scariest part of the book. We get terrifying vampires with a deadly thirst vs a group of civilians turned vampire hunters who are in pure survival mode. It really does make for some intense reading.

As you can tell from this review, I absolutely loved Salem's Lot. I still cant believe this was only King's second novel. I think everyone can agree on how impressive that is. If, like me, you haven't read any Stephen King novels, then this is the perfect place to start. It's also a great book for anyone who loves vampires or an atmospheric horror that will be sure to keep you up at night.

5/5 Stars

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