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Silverlegs is the first installment in Camilla Monks Seed of Rage Series. It's a book heavily influenced by Ancient Rome with a deep Grimdark twist to it. We follow our MC Constanter, a girl who escapes a life of abuse and misery, only to find herself in an army of mercenaries that has a similar attitude towards women. Her only way to survive is to pretend to be  a man and hope that nobody finds out about her secret.

This was the first Grimdark book I've read for quite a while. I must admit, it was the perfect book after the recent reading slump I've had. Anyway, here's my thoughts on Silverlegs .

There's absolutely no holding back with this book as we experience abuse, betrayal and gory violence straight from the start. We're thrown straight into a scene of Constanter escaping her abusive family with no safe place to go. Usually I tend to stay away from books that involve sexual abuse purely because it makes me feel uncomfortable, but that wasnt the case with this book. It simply added fire to the story and made it feel realistic, which only made me love the main character even more. Especially when you see her grow from a timid girl with a ton of anger to an all out beast who takes no prisoners.

Monk really focuses on the reality of Ancient Rome and how different it was for men and women. For a woman to not only strive but to become an absolute boss in an environment that gives them little to no rights was extremely satisfying. I'm a sucker for characters who come from nothing to turn their lives around and become a legend. Which is exactly what happens when  Constanter becomes the famous warrior, Silverlegs. We get to meet some minor characters that play big parts, Clearchos, the camp leader whose seen as a demigod by the soldiers. Victrix whose one of clearchos' most trusted soldiers and the man who captured Constanter. And then theres Gemina, the camp healer and the only person who knows about constanter's secret. No lie, this part made me nervous and had me on edge throughout the book.

The world building was amazing. Monk creates a fantastic Romaneque world that you can really appreciate. When the characters finally reach the city its like the scene out of Gladiator when everyone is seeing the Colosseum for the first time. It was extremely well written and simply breathtaking. Whilst we're on the subject of having our breath taken away, we should discuss the fight scenes. This book contains some of the goriest and savage deaths I've ever encountered. If you read this book and dont get goosebumps everytime Silverlegs fights, you're dead inside. I lost count of how many people had their throats slit or a blade shoved down their throat. Some of the most spine-tingling and cinematic fighting I've ever read in any book, Camilla Monk is truly an artist when it comes to battles.

Its probably best I stop here before I keep blabbering on and give too much away. But I will say this, Silverlegs is one of the best books I've read this year. I cannot thank netgalley enough for allowing me to review this book and I cannot wait for the next book.

If you're interested in this book, the publication date is 27/08/2019. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

5/5 Stars

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