The Spider (Under The Northern Sky #2) by Leo Carew - Book Review

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4/5 Stars


The Spider is the second book in Leo Carew's Under the Northern Sky series. The spider picks up exactly where The Wolf ended. The book is split into three parts, The North, The South and Lundunceaster, all following the Black Lords plans to invade the south and Bellamus' plans to wipe out the Anakim. If invading the south wasn't enough, The Black Lord has to deal with an assassination at the Anakim School to the North. on top of this, Roper has to convince the giants of Unhierea to fight alongside the Anakim to finally obliterate the Southerners. So, no pressure.

Leo Carew doesn't hold back in this book whatsoever! We're instantly thrown into a mystery when a student is assassinated in the North. Sent to investigate is an inquisitor, Salbjorn and one of the Anakim's deadliest warriors, Leon Kaldison. They're tasked with finding the assassin and reporting back to the Black Lord once completed. But, this will be no easy task, not with Ellangaest being involved. Nobody knows who Ellengaest is, but the name strikes fear into everyone. Whilst all this is happening, Roper has plans to invade the South to finish what feels like, a never-ending war.

The Spider is an excellent follow up to The Wolf. Although I enjoyed the first book. I felt as though something was missing in order for me to fully appreciate it. Everything I wanted to see in the first book was present in the second book. I felt more connected to the characters and was able to follow their stories with a lot more interest, The Anakim are ferocious warriors that have a larger than life feel. You can't help but feel a sense of pride when they fight, and that's exactly what I want to see in an epic fantasy book. although we don't get to see a lot of the southerners I still liked the story behind tje upstart, Bellamus. He has a network of spies that corrupt any plans Roper makes. He reminds me of Varys from Game Of Thrones.

There was no skipping of battles like we saw in the wolf which was a massive plus for me. Whether it's a skirmish or full-blown battle. The level of detail and creativeness that has gone into it was breath-taking, Carew really showed his talent for writing, especially when it came to the battle scenes. 
Another plus side was the pacing. It had the perfect speed and rhythm to keep the reader glued to the story. Not once was I ever bored or wishing a certain part would end. In fact, I felt the total opposite and struggled to put the book down.

My only minor complaint was how predictable it was. We already know who ordered the assassination but I found I was able to work out exactly what was about to happen way before it actually happened. I would have much rather it be unpredictable to keep me guessing. Apart from this minor issue, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and cannot wait to read the next. This book will appeal to anyone who loves military fantasy with conspiracies, politics and mysteries scrambled into the mix.

I would like to thank Leo Carew and Headline for providing me a copy of The Spider, I really appreciate it

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