Ioth, City of Lights (Wildfire Cycle Book #2) by D. P. Woolliscroft - Book Review

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5/5 Stars


Ioth, City of Lights is the latest instalment in D. P. Woolliscroft's Wildfire Cycle series. Despite there being 3 books released, Ioth is book 2 with Tales of Kingshold technically being book 1.5. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous two books but this book is in a league of its own. So here's my thoughts in a bit more detail.

Ioth, City of Lights picks up a couple of months down the line to the events that changed kingshold forever. The reader is thrown straight into some badass action and the action doesn't really let up from that point onwards. In the first book we only get to see a portion of the jewelled continent as we don't really step outside of kingshold. In this book we bounce between three major city's, kingshold, Redpool and Ioth. This gives the reader more of an adventure feel which I absolutely loved. Although some of the characters stay in  kingshold, most of the existing characters travel to Ioth to negotiate peace and to prevent a war. I had no problems following the characters as we bounced from Kingshold to Ioth, as there was plenty of action in both city's. Although we follow the same POV's from the first book, a couple of new characters are introduced, each fitting in perfectly with the story. I think Woolliscroft done an excellent job with the characters. We get to see them in their own individual light as they adapt to the changes that was caused by the election in kingshold. It was also fun to see them teaming up with each other once again. I know I've mentioned there being an abundance of action but Woolliscroft is a creative genius when it comes to fights. Whether it's a full on battle or a 1 on 1 featuring the deadly swordsmen that is Florian. The atmosphere created is truly amazing.

(I love the fact that Welsh names were used!)

As I've mentioned above, this book is in a league of its own. The detail  that has gone into it is truly remarkable. With the perfect balance of humour, action and romance, Ioth, City of Lights has become not only my favourite books released this year but one of the best books I've ever read. So there's no surprise when  I say D. P. Wolliscroft has quickly become one of my favourite authors. Honestly, if you're looking for an adventurous and action packed stormer of a story, don't hesitate to pick this book up, you will not be disappointed.

I want to thank D. P. Woolliscroft for sending me a copy and for gifting us readers with a fantastic book. I cannot wait to read the next instalment!

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