Dawn of the Exile (The Infernal Guardian #2)

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5/5 Stars


Dawn of the exile is the second instalment in the Infernal Guardian series by the talented author, Mitchell Hogan.

Based ten years after the events of Shadow of the Exile. Tarrik Nal-Valim, demon of the thirty ninth order has been summoned by the five Demon Lords to face trial for his actions on Wiraya and for once again meddling in human affairs. The outcome can be death, redemption or exile. There's no surprise that the outcome is exile for Tarrik and he is sent to spend the rest of his life as an exiled demon in Shimrax.

Similar to the first book, Tarrik is summoned by a powerful sorcerer where he is painfully ripped through the veil to the human world, Wiraya. This is nothing but bad news for Tarrik considering the demon lords have warned him about his actions when it comes to humans. Plus, Tarrik wants nothing more than to be left alone so he can work his plan for redemption.

There's no mistaking Hogans skill when it comes to world and character building. Similar to the first instalment, we bounce from one city to the next getting to know each city's history and inhabitants. Where as in the first book it was a brief description of each city, this time we see each location in a a lot more detail. One of my favourite parts was the introduction of the Orgols which was only previously touched on when Tarrik is mistaken for a southerner. The Orgols are almost godlike beings that consider themselves to be superior to other races. They are after all, stronger, faster and far more intelligent than any other race, so you can blame them. Plus they're also experienced in the secretive art of the sun-tide. A power that only one human has managed to learn without losing themselves to insanity, Serenity Branwen, Tarriks former master. As we follow Tarriks journey further, we come across some exciting new characters that go on to play a huge part in the story. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a return of the some of the original cast from the first book, especially after the devastating battle to free Samal Rak-Shazza in Shadow of the Exile. 

Hogan is a master when it comes to manipulating the readers emotions. I was made to feel like I was on an emotional roller-coaster that refused to let me get off. I think that's also down to the perfect pacing of the book which is another thing I've come to love about Hogans writing. 

This is a book that I will take any opportunity I get to recommend it. Whether its the intense battles, devastating betrayals or the well thought out magic system. This book genuinely has it all.

Before I keep blabbering on and give too much away. I want to thank Mitchell Hogan for providing me with a copy of this truly amazing read. its been an absolute pleasure to read and review it. 

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