Tales of Kingshold (Wildfire Cycle #1.5)

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Tales of Kingshold is book 1.5 of the wildfire Cycle series, containing short stories, novelettes, letters and some notes on magic from the infamous wizard, Jyuth. This is my first time reading a collection of short stories so I wasn't really sure what to expect or how I would feel about it. So here's my thoughts on the book.

Tales of Kingshold is a fantastic follow up to the first book in the series, Kingshold. The short stories consist of events before and during the election of Kingshold. There's also a short story featuring Mortega and Neenawhi, that takes place after the election.

In my review for kingshold, I wrote about Mareth being my favourite character, so there's no surprise when I say "Of Bards and Buccaneers" was my favourite short story. I thought D. P Woolliscroft picked the perfect back story for Mareth. Who would have thought, the drunken bard turned Lord protector, was previously a pirate?!

Another part that I thoroughly enjoyed was the notes on magic from Jyuth. Rather than it being like a manual on magic, it's more Jyuths research and experience with magic over the 1000 years that he's lived. He talks about his tutor and how he went on an independent journey to research as much about magic as possible, which I thought was really cool. The book also contains the letter Jyuth left for his daughter, Neenawhi, at the end of the first book. I truly hope he makes a return from retirement further into the series.

We not only get to see stories from the old characters but we also get to meet some new characters. My favourite being Kyle the Chiseller from "All That Shimmers". Kyle is a Dwarf from Unedar Halt. Working with his purple worm, Vidin, he makes a ground-breaking discovery that could prove crucial to the deep people of Unedar Halt. Neenawhi, also plays a huge part in this story so there's guaranteed to be some badass fighting.

The last short story, "Circles", blew my mind! I did not anticipate that at all. I'm not giving you any details, just trust me when I say, it's some of the best writing I've ever read. I take it back, this was my favourite short story!

If you're contemplating reading Tales of Kingshold, don't hesitate, just dive into it. It's a fantastic book that will keep you entertained until we wait for book 2.

I want to thank D. P. Woolliscroft for providing me with a copy of Tales of Kingshold. Once again, it's been a pleasure to read and review your book.

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