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5/5 Stars

Siege is the follow up book to Blood Forest by Geraint Jones. We immediately dive into action when Felix and his comrades have been captured by the fearsome tribes of Germany. After finally escaping the enemy camp and reaching the Roman fort, their troubles finally seem to be over. Or do they?

Having previously read Blood Forest, I couldn't wait to get stuck into this book. It's full of raw emotion, comradeship and brutal, merciless action.

Although the majority of this book is told from behind the walls of the Roman fort, it's still full of exciting plots and twists. Felix, takes part in pretty much every raid not only because he's a battle hardened veteran, but also because of the ghosts in head threaten to overpower him. Geraint Jones really brings out the true emotions of a solider under siege. Being a veteran that's served three tours, nobody understands the soldiers life better than Geraint himself.

If the small battles and night time raids isn't enough to draw you in, there's also a sort of Cluedo-like murder mystery to keep you on your toes. Women and girls from the civilian camp inside the fort start to show up butchered in the night. The only problem is, the civilians blame the Syrian archers, the Syrians blame the legionaries, and the legionaries blame the civilians. Lowering the morale and overall trust throughout the camp. This was a part I really enjoyed and found myself turning into John Luther trying to work out who the murderer was. It turns out I'm a terrible detective and I couldn't have been more wrong when choosing the guilty party.

Now, the characters of this book were the real strong point for me. From the veteran leader, Felix, to the comedian of the fort, Stumps. Each character was brought to life in their own unique way. Each solider has his own reasons for wanting to fight and each solider is haunted by their own past. Some more than others.

If I had to choose a favourite character, it would undoubtedly be Stumps. He's a veteran who isn't scared to get stuck into a scrap and his loyalty to his comrades makes you cheer for him throughout the book. Also, his jokes are hilarious. Brutal, but hilarious. The amount of times I burst out laughing is unreal!

Once again, I have gone through a book without any bad points. This year has been a brilliant year for reviewing books.

I couldn't recommend this book enough. If, like me, you're a fan of Conn Iggulden, Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell etc. Then I have no doubt you will become a fan of Geraint Jones.

I would like to thank Geraint for allowing me to review Siege, I cannot wait for the next book!

Daryl Graves

Daryl is a 25 year old living in South Wales, UK. 

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