Shadow of the Exile ( The Infernal Guardian Book 1 )

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5/5 Stars

Tarrik Nal-Valim, exiled demon of the 37th order. Currently exiled to Shimrax for working alongside the sorcerer Contian and marrying a human. Tarrik is ripped from Shimrax and thrown into the world of humans, which can only mean one thing... he's been summoned by a powerful sorcerer. But this isn't any ordinary sorcerer. Tarrik has been summoned by Serenity 'Ren' Branwen, daughter of Tarriks former master and friend, contian.

My favourite thing about this book was the extrmeley well thought out magic system. Sorcerers and demons both use cants from the dusk-tide and dark-tide. Tarrik also has different abilities such as shadow stepping, absorbing higher demons when defeating them and a powerful sword which can be summoned with a simple cant. Ren on the other hand is a powerful sorcerer capable of magic few even knew existed. Ren is also part of the nine, a group of sorceres tortured and brainwashed by the demon lord Samal Rak-shazza. Their goal is to free him from his prison to reek chaos and death onto the world. Tarrik simply wants no part of this and wishes only to return to Shimrax to continue his plans to reverse his banishment. This creates a dramatic and fiery relationship between the two.

Shortly after the summoning, Hogan takes us on a journey bouncing from city to city as Ren has business to settle. We're introduced to other demons and sorcerers and also start to get to know Tarrik and Ren in a bit more depth. Tarrik is a wise demon with a lot of knowledge when it comes to magic, specifically the dark-tide. I think his sense of humour and charisma made him a serious but likeable character.  He also has a fondness for alcohol, especially spirits. Which leads to a couple of funny moments.

Ren comes across as a cold hearted killer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And to he honest that's kind of what she is but she has a certain kindness about her. The more the book goes on the more I took a liking to Ren and her abilities. These two characters have definitely made into my top 10 favourite characters.

Once again I've been fortunate to surf through another book without disliking anything, everything just flowed perfectly.
I had no problems at all with giving this book 5 stars. To be completely honest, it's the best book I've read this year and will take something insanely good to trump it.

When people ask me to recommend an awesome book with badass characters, this is the book I'll recommend!

I would like to thank Mitchell Hogan, 47 North and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this gem of a book.

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