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A Time Of Dread (Of Blood and Bone #1)

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5/5 Stars

Wow! what a great start to another series by John Gwynne. A Time Of Dread is based in the Banished 100+ years from the events in Faithful And The Fallen. You don't exactly have to read John Gwynne's first series to understand whose who and what the story is based on. Although I would recommend The faithful And The Fallen purely because it's an awesome series and I promise you, it will not disappoint.

 The book basically follows two main characters, Riv and Drem. I instantly fell in love with the new characters but my favourite part had to be the return of one of the characters from the previous series. There's also a lot of descendants from the characters in the last series which I thought was really cool.
 A lot of places are different in this series due to the Ben Elim expanding their territory. Which has obviously caused a lot of friction in the Banished Lands. As you can expect from John Gwynne, there is amazing battle scenes and twists that literally leave you shocked. Another thing I loved in the book was John Gwynne' s ability to make the reader get sucked right into the world and really feel apart of the characters journeys.
 I seriously cannot recommend this book enough. It really does tick all the boxes for a brilliant fantasy book. This book is definitely a strong contender for awards this year in my opinion.
 Also, I loved the book so much that I've ordered a signed copy! The 11th January can't come quick enough!

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