The Children of Chaos (The Cruel Gods #2) by Trudie Skies - Book Review
22, Nov

The Children of Chaos is a worthy sequel to the brilliant The Thirteenth Hour, filled with fantastical world-building, cruel, ruthless gods and fabulously layered characters and relationships - this is a wonderfully rich and in places tragic story. The characters are tortured by their gods and the gods are scared of the mortals of Chaos and threatened by the possibility of the god of Chaos, Corentine being set free from the Clocktower in which she was imprisoned many years ago by Dor the god of the Diviner. Quen and Kayl must work together against the clock to bring together the gods of the other domains and persuade them to cooperate in such a way that Corentine could be set free without any repercussions for the other domains.

The Hero Interviews by Andi Ewington - Book Review
13, Nov

The Hero Interviews is undoubtedly a treat for all players of Dungeons and Dragons and other similar table top role playing games (TTRPGs) but it is not necessary to be a game player in order to enjoy it.

The Fall Is All There Is (Four of Mercies #1) by C. M. Caplan - Book Review
08, Nov

I received an arc of The Fall Is All There Is from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Connor!

This novel is completely different to anything I have ever read. It is amazingly daring and imaginative with themes of autism, bisexuality, familial love and survival running through it. The pace is fast and exciting in places, slower and more introspective in others. The world in which the story unfolds is unbelievably original and I could not stop my jaw from falling open at times! There are so many genius ideas and they are described in such a way that makes you just accept them as you are reading, and then find yourself going, “Wait, what did that just say? What were those roofs made from?” 

Slaughtered Gods (The Hanged God Trilogy #3) by Thilde Kold Holdt - Book Review
09, Oct

Slaughtered Gods is the satisfying conclusion to The Hanged God trilogy. Full of gods, monsters, Norse mythology, bravery, strong characters, a bloodthirsty battle to end all others and so much heart, this has been one of my favourite series of recent years. 

The Skin (Black Hind's Wake, #1) by J. E. Hannaford
14, Aug

The author of The Skin clearly loves nature - particularly ocean creatures and the plight of those captured by humans and placed in zoos/aquariums. Through her debut novel she delivers a love letter to non-human life and also a warning about what our future could be if we don’t pay more attention to marine ecology and the environment as a whole. 

Epilogues for Lost Gods (Unwritten Runes #2) by Cat Rector - Book Review
07, Aug

I was lucky enough to help beta read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it both then and now, reading a digital arc. 

Epilogues for Lost Gods is the sequel to The Goddess of Nothing At All which has easily become one of my favourite books. It takes place after Ragnarok, with the realms in tatters and most of the gods and goddesses now dead and imprisoned in Helheim. Loki and his son Narvi are among them and both are suffering from severe PTSD after their violent deaths. Sigyn and Váli are among the survivors of Ragnarok. Váli is still in the wolf form Odin forced upon him during the previous book and Sigyn has taken it upon herself to build a new city where inclusivity is the byword.

NACL: Eye of the Storm by Allegra Pescatore & E. Sands - Book Review
19, Jul

NACL - Eye of the Storm is difficult to precisely pinpoint - is it a character-driven futuristic fantasy or a SciFi adventure. The superpowers of the main characters are sometimes referred to as their magic, yet it takes place on the planet Fortune with futuristic science and technology to hand:

“Now that Vera could feel the other woman’s magic, she realized just how much larger the dual-Marked woman’s well of power was compared to her own. That avalanche of awakened magic pushed against Vera’s every knot and weave, but the pulse of their blood flowing into each other’s veins made the fight ultimately unwinnable.”

Traitors Unseen (Inquisitors' Guild #3) by Dave Dobson - Book Review
29, Jun

A prequel novella to Flames over Frosthelm, set about ten years before that novel, Traitors Unseen tells of events which happened when Emerra Denault was still just a Provisional Inspector in the Inquisitors' Guild in Frosthelm.

Magicians’ Rivalry (Spellsmith & Carver #1)  by H. L. Burke - Book Review
06, Jun

I really enjoyed this short young adult fantasy, the first in a series starring magicians Auric Spellsmith and Jericho Carver.

Auric returns home from training as a magician in the capital city to find his father, Hedward Spellsmith, the town’s magician has taken on a magical apprentice named Jericho Carver. Jealous despite it being his decision to leave 5 years before, there follows a bitter rivalry with both Auric and Jericho determined to get rid of the other. To make matters worse, Auric’s sister, Rill now 17, appears somewhat infatuated with ‘Jerry’, who has been teaching her magic, enhancing her natural aptitude. Auric is jealous of this and Jericho’s easy relationship with his father. He had planned to teach his sister magic and to return home to work with his father - both things which he is no longer needed for. Jericho fears his position will no longer exist since the natural heir and apprentice has now returned home. Their sarcastic banter and rivalry was well-written and fun to read.

The Martyr (Covenant of Steel #2) by Anthony Ryan - Book Review
29, May

I would like to thank NetGalley and Orbit Books for granting me access to a digital advance review copy of The Martyr by Anthony Ryan. My review is honest and my opinions are my own.

A continuation from the point we left off with The Pariah, this sequel is once more told by Alwyn Scribe now among the trusted advisors of the Risen Martyr, as the Anointed Lady Evadine Couravel is now known. The followers of the Covenant Company are heading to war and most of this book is set during the battles and sieges that constitute the war.

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