Auring's Wrath (Leviathan Book 1) by Justin DePaoli - SPFBO 2020 Book Review
07, Jul

For my second SPFBO 2020 book review for BookNest, I review Justin DePaoli's Auring's Wrath.

The Bear Cavalry: The True (Not!) History of the Icelandic Bears

*I was assigned this book in SPFBO 2020*

I must admit, when I saw this on my list I did a double-take. Wait, what is this, now? And props to the author. The structure is unique and the whole idea had me scratching my head, trying to figure out exactly what genre this book fell in. Unfortunately, I don't think it fits in a fantasy competition. 

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*I was assigned this book for SPFBO 2020*

Fans of Rachel Mead's Vampire Academy or Stephanie Myers' Twilight series will probably enjoy this book. It follows the story of Lila, a sophomore in high school attending a boarding school for the first time, and Gabe, a senior in high school and a vampire hunter. 

Bull and the Goblin Raid by Matt Heppe - SPFBO 2020 Book Review
18, Jun

For my first official SPFBO 2020 book review for BookNest, I review Matt Heppe's Bull and the Goblin Raid. 

The Ninth Knight by [Stephen James Wright]

*I was assigned The Ninth Knight to read and review as part of Booknest's judging team for SPFBO2020*

Blackbirds Sing: A Ruadhan Sidhe Origin Story (A Ruadhan Sidhe Novel) by Aiki Flinthart
05, Jun

❝ Hush, pretty baby, don’t say a word.

Mama’s gone and called you a sweet blackbird.

When that little blackbird does come,

Mama’s gonna buy you a big war drum

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