Daughter of the Cyber Dragons (The Cyber Dragons #1) by C.T. Phipps - Book Review
23, May

Daughter of the Cyber Dragons is another action-packed collaboration between C.T. Phipps and Michael Suttkus. It’s a cyberpunk comedy jammed full of pop culture references and triple crosses that’ll keep you guessing until the end.

Gunmetal Gods (Gunmetal Gods #1) by Zamil Akhtar - Book Review
01, Mar

Gunmetal Gods is a dark fantasy epic set in a world reminiscent of the crusades. It has elements of military fantasy and eldritch horror that are expertly woven into a story with big stakes, epic worldbuilding, and convincing characters.

Space Academy Dropouts by C.T. Phipps - Book Review
30, Jan

Space Academy Dropouts is a high adventure farce that was a quick and fun read. I’d highly recommend it for fans of humorous sci-fi, or just sci-fi, or just humor.

The Shadow of the Gods (Bloodsworn Saga #1) by John Gwynne - Book Review
14, Jan

Shadow of the Gods is an all caps EPIC. This Norse inspired story is full of high stakes, brutal fighting, and intriguing characters. I zipped through this slightly chonky novel at a gallop. It has cool monsters, a dash of magic, and some mythic backstory ripped straight from the sagas and twisted into something new.

An Altar on the Village Green (The Chained God, #1) by Nathan Hall - Book Review
29, Oct

An Altar on the Village Green is a fantastic tale of madness and horror. Nathan Hall weaves a story that ebbs and flows with a unique atemporal logic. This, more than anything else, sets it apart from your run of the mill fantasy novel. At its core, The Chained God is a series that is more ambition in its conception that most other fantasy novels.

Norylska Groans by Michael R. Fletcher, Clayton W. Snyder - Book Review
08, Oct

Norylska Groans is a stylish fantasy thriller with a pitch perfect noir aesthetic. In a setting with post-revolutionary Russian themes, the brutal reality of a city on the edge of the tundra shoves two inhabitants of Norylska into a deadly power struggle. 

Kingdoms at War (Dragon Gate #1) by Lindsay Buroker - Book Review
16, Sep

Dragon’s Gate: Kingdoms at War is an underdog story through-and-through. Jak and Jadora are mother and son archaeologists unearthing an ancient artifact when the oppressive forces of their wizard rulers swoop in and not only take the artifact, but kidnap them.

The Shadows of Dust by Alec Hutson - Book Review
13, Sep

The Shadows of Dust is a sweeping fantasy space opera. It was an adventure that I absolutely loved. What a wonderful setting this novel had! Big Star Wars meets Dungeons & Dragons vibes here, a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy that I think is vastly under-represented in speculative fiction today. I gave it top marks on that alone, but there was even more to love in this novel. 

Orconomics (The Dark Profit Saga, #1) by J. Zachary Pike - Book Review
24, Aug

Orconomics is a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking for an enjoyable read that’ll hook you early and leave you giggling, then Zach Pike has written it, and as I mentioned earlier, it’s called Orconomics. This humorous novel reimagines the standard fantastical world of high-stakes adventuring through the lens of capitalism… to amusing affect.

She Dreams in Blood (The Obsidian Path #2) by Michael R. Fletcher - Book Review
05, Aug

She Dreams in Blood is the second, dark as fuck, novel in the Obsidian Path series by Michael Fletcher. As in the first book, content warnings galore should point the squeamish in another direction. This book moves beyond the antihero as a protagonist, pushing Khraen, the main character into uncharted waters. Our hero is a villain, plain and simple. But for those of us who are drawn to dark stories and narratives that plumb the depths of the human condition, the book is not only unique, but very compelling.

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