The Blood-Tainted Winter (The Song of the Ash Tree #1) by T.L. Greylock - Book Review
31, Dec

When his father is killed at a meeting to select the new king, Raef Skallagrim swears vengeance. But as various factions begin to vie for power, he finds himself at the mercy of not only the other Lords but of the Gods themselves. 

Straight Outta Fangton (Straight Outta Fangton #1) by C.T. Phipps - Book Review
11, Dec

When a new-born vampire begins her new (undead) life in the bathroom of the convenience store where he works, outcast vampire Peter Stone has to step back into a world of high-powered immortals and their schemes.

Quillifer (Quillifer #1) by Walter Jon Williams
25, Nov

When his home town is attacked by reavers, Quillifer the younger decides the time has come to set out into the world and seek his fortune. 

Chains of Blood (The Chaos Cycle #1) by M.L. Spencer - Book Review
13, Oct

It’s been twenty years since the Well of Tears was closed and the lands of the Rhen were freed from the spectre of Chaos. A new generation of mages are in training at the rebuilt Lyceum and people are coming to terms with their new world. But now a new enemy is approaching and the sons of past heroes must fight to keep their loved ones safe. 

The Grey Bastards (The Lot Lands #1) by Jonathan French - Book Review
09, Oct

Jackal is a Bastard, and proud of it.

One of several groups sworn to protect the hostile Lot Lands, these half-orcs patrol the area on their giant war hogs; fighting, carousing and generally behaving more like a gang than knights.

The True Bastards (The Lot Lands #2) by Jonathan French - Book Review
08, Oct

Struggling to hold her hoof together in diminished circumstances, and separated from her two closest friends, Fetching isn’t going to give up without a fight. Not against murderous hyenas, an seemingly unstoppable orc or even the sludge that’s slowly poisoning her. 

Thorn of the Night Blossoms (Scions of the Black Lotus #1) by J.C. Kang - Book Review
01, Oct

As far as most know, Jie is in training to become a Night Blossom, one of the famed courtesans of the Floating World. But that is just a cover. In truth, Jie is a member of the legendary Black Lotus Clan, a highly trained spy and assassin. Now it seems someone has discovered the truth about her and plans to see her dead.

Age of Assassins (The Wounded Kingdom #1) by R.J. Barker review
25, Sep

Anonymously summoned to Castle Maniyadoc, Girtan Clubfoot and his master, assassin Merela Karn, find themselves trapped and forced into a hunt for another assassin. 

Implanted by Lauren C. Teffeau - Book Review
23, Aug

After having committed an act of cathartic vigilantism, Emery Driscoll is given a seemingly straight-forward choice; go to jail or work for Aventine Security as one of their couriers.  

Fallen Empire (Ironstone Saga #1) by Keith McArdle - Book Review
21, Aug

Vyder Ironstone has been given a mission, one with a very slim chance of success but which will potentially decide the fate of kingdoms. But before he can even set off, he is waylaid and mortally wounded. 

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