1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric H. Cline - Book Review
04, May

This is a non-fiction book, on a period earlier than the majority of fantasy works. So why is it here? Well, one, I do a lot of reading of this nature in my quest to find stimulating, non-standard backgrounds for my own writing; two, if Globalisation, Climate Change, Plagues, and a complete social collapse sound familiar, you need to understand how history repeats itself.

The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System by Eric Klein - Book Review
03, May

I've had some input into this novel as an early draft, and I’m glad to see it evolve into a highly-polished book. In short, this is a near-future, solar-system adventure-story in the style of golden-age science fiction. It reminded me very much of the SciFi I grew up on, by such giants as Heinlien, Asimov, and Clarke. The book also gives a gentle nod to them, with many (many!) bits of homage and pop-culture Easter eggs to get any sci-fi nerd squealing with joy.

Marcus Corvinus by David Wishart - Book Series Review
03, May

I love Roman-era detectives. I read Ovid, the first in the series, and loved it, so naturally I went down the rabbit hole of tearing through the 20-volume series… I’ve even chased down Corvinus himself for a character interview! I’ve posted my reviews of each individual volume on Amazon and Goodreads, but below is a summary review of the whole series.

Goblins at the Gates by Ellis L. Knox - Book Review
03, May

Guess what? I found an historically-based, military style epic-fantasy on the backdrop of ancient Rome. Can you guess how quickly I jumped to read it?

Goblins at the Gate is a masterpiece blending historical and epic fantasy elements. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys military epic fantasy and ancient Rome.

The Dresden Files
02, May

I’ve first read the first 3 volumes in the Dresden Files, then let it lapse for a while. It was a nice concept, but I found them a tad simplistic and they didn't really grab me. Last year I’ve binge read the rest of the series in order, and reviewing individual volumes on Goodreads and Amazon as I go. Below are my thoughts about the series as it stands to date.